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The Science and Leisure Committee are pleased to offer members a unique opportunity to come and learn from the best; hosted by the IAM, members will have the chance to develop their driving skills and confidence on the roads at an exciting one-day event…

Saturday 23 April 2016 at Wroxhall Abbey Hotel & Estate, Warwickshire: 10am – 4pm.  For more information click here

showing off

Do you fancy having a go at displaying your skills?  Have you got a show or exhibition that you have to attend or put on?  If so, the ShoWIing Off demonstration workshops could be just what you need!

Find out more in the General Information Area.


New NFWI Craft Competition - Something Old, Something New

Everyone has an old jumper that can be upcycled into something that can be treasured. Find out more about this competition here.

NFWI AM meeting

The NFWI Centenary Annual Meeting 2015 - Recording

Click link here ; complete the details to access the recording.

Resolution Shortlist Briefing Notes – 2015/2016

Federation representatives have shortlisted eight resolutions for further debate. Members should now undertake further research into these resolutions and select the one they support the most to go to a vote at the Annual Meeting in June. To aid members’ further research, the NFWI Public Affairs team have produced briefing notes for each resolution on the shortlist. These briefing notes can be downloaded from the Resolutions area.

organ398% of WI Members voted on the organisation's new campaign on Saturday 7 June 2014 at the National Federation of Women's Institutes (NFWI) Annual Meeting, imploring all members to discuss their wishes regarding organ donation with their family and friends.

The resolution:
"The NFWI notes that three people die every day whilst waiting for an organ transplant.  We call on every member of the WI to make their wishes regarding organ donation known, and to encourage members of their local communities to do likewise" will now become the campaigning focus for over 212,000 WI members across England, Wales and the Islands.


Behind the door of 104!

The NFWI has launched a new blog for all NFWI news – Click here to go to the blog.  The blog will feature news from all areas of the WI – from craft and cookery to training and public affairs – and will cover a range of topics of interest to WI members and the general public. 


WI Adviser information


The 'So you think you'd like to be a WI Adviser' course replaces the one day workshops held in federations which means that members can access the course at any time and work through at their own pace. Click here to access the 'So you think you'd like to be a WI Adviser' course.  (it opens in a new window).  You do not need to login to the WI Moodle to access this course. Once you have completed the course please apply through your federation.

pre judges training


The 'So you think you'd like to be a NFWI Judge' short course is an introduction to help you get a better understanding of the role and requirements of an NFWI Judge and to help you make a decision about applying for the full course.  Click here to access the area.

Demo Training

The Demonstrator Training course is available. This course is for members who wish to demonstrate or give illustrated talks.  Click here to go to the Demonstrator Area.

Food Strategy

The Food Safety e-Module gives you essential information and advice about handling food. Click here to go to the Food Safety Area

training cycle

There is an area called WI Training Resource. This is an online course that you work through at your own pace. It gives you the basic knowledge you need to set up and run any sort of training session so it's ideal for many roles.

Trustee Training

The Trustee Training e-Module is for existing and potential federation trustees who want to find out what being a trustee involves. Click here to access the Trustee Training area.
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